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Tacos Beat Tradition

Ah, November.  That special time of the year when you start seeing family members you didn’t even know you had, dodge questions about your relationship status at the Thanksgiving table and pretend to like Aunt Marge’s “special” cranberry sauce. Wouldn’t it be better if holiday traditions evolved for the chiller? Be the change you wish to see in the holiday season by showing up to the celebration with the Baja goods. We promise, you’ll become the favorite family member in no time.

Now picture this: at Friendsgiving this year, you’re surrounded by all of your buds, who are fist-bumping you and chanting your name. Why? Oh, that’s because you won the Best Food Competition with the open taco bar you had catered from Fuzzy’s for the celebration. We do the leg- work, you get the credit – and together we dunk on your friend’s lame stuffing. Tacos beat tradition. It’s a fact.

And if you’re in one of those families who celebrates the holidays all at once, first of all: Merry Thanksgiving. Second of all: we’ve got those gifts covered. Why should your friends and loved ones get all the presents? This holiday, when you buy a $25 Fuzzy’s gift card, you’ll get a $5 bonus card just for you. That’s what the holiday spirit’s all about, right?

No matter what you celebrate or when, Fuzzy’s is here to help cancel honey baked ham. Because taco bars are the new holiday spread.