It’s the most wonderful time of year to give––and an even better time to receive. This holiday season, you can give your grandma, cousin’s boyfriend, and coworker you feel obligated to shop for the gift of Baja with a Fuzzy’s gift card. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget about #1. With every $25 gift card purchased for someone else, you’ll score a $5 bounceback just for you. It’s ok. Own your selfishness.

Not sure what to do with your five bucks? We’ve created a list of Fuzzy’s faves you can spend that extra cash on:

  • Chips and Queso

Steaming hot snacks? Count us in. Warm up this winter with a bowl that’s creamy and cheesy because, like, duh.

  • Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa are to food as fuzzy slippers are to Christmas—classic, simple and loved by everyone, even your crazy uncle Jim. Order them because, like, spicy duh.

  • Any single taco on the menu

We can guarantee any of our tacos will be better than your niece’s attempt at mincemeat pie. And besides, they’re tacos—need we say more?

  • Sopapilla Bites

The sugary kisses we want the most this season are sweet little morsels of cinnamon sugar.

  • A frosty cold one

Knock ‘em back now so you can tolerate your in-laws later. We call it premeditated drinking. #You’reWelcome

  • Jalapeño Bottlecaps

You’ll fall in love and, that way, when they ask about the spice in your love life, you’ve got something to talk about.

  • Drunken Pig

Stop trying to convince yourself you actually like the family bean recipe. Make a new tradition and bring some Drunken Pig to the table—and we’re still not talking about Uncle Jim.

If you just can’t wait until Christmas day to unwrap that beautiful bounceback card, you can always outsource the holiday cooking to Fuzzy’s and go to town on some Baja catering. We can hook you up with Party Starters, a Build Your Own Taco Bar or Fajita Bar. They’re perfect for office parties, gift exchanges, or just a way to stuff your extended family’s faces when they come to visit.

So basically, center your holidays around Fuzzy’s because we’re more fun than untangling Christmas lights.