Fuzzy's App FAQs | Answers to Your Mobile App Questions

Fuzzy’s App FAQs – Your Questions Answered About Our Mobile Experience

See below for a list of common questions regarding the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop app.

How do I join the rewards program?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Follow the prompt to sign up and you’re all set!

What if my receipt doesn’t upload?

Sometimes technology doesn’t work as smoothly as it should and if your receipt isn’t scanning, then email us at loyalty@fuzzystacoshop.com a picture of your receipt showing the date and subtotal and we’ll add these points to your account!

My receipt doesn’t have a barcode, what do I do?

First question: did you redeem a reward when you checked out? If the answer is yes, then your receipt won’t have a barcode and the remaining points from your transaction will automatically be added to your account.

If you didn’t redeem a reward and your receipt is missing a barcode, then send us a picture of your receipt showing the date and subtotal to loyalty@fuzzystacoshop.com and we’ll add these points to your account!

How do I earn points?

There are multiple ways to earn points!

Online Orders:

Place an order through the app when you’re signed in and the points will be automatically added to your account once it’s completed.

After Making a Purchase In Store:

To scan your receipt, hit Earn, then Scan barcode or Enter Barcode. The app will then prompt you to take a picture of the barcode or to enter the numeric digits at the bottom of the barcode. If you receive any errors adding your receipt, email us at loyalty@fuzzystacoshop.com a picture showing the date, subtotal and barcode and we’ll add your points manually.

In store at the register:

Some of our locations have scanners at the register. Open the app and hit Earn and scan your QR code at the register. Double check with the cashier that they see it added correctly to your account.

How do I redeem a reward?

In store at the register:

To redeem an unlocked offer (when you save up points for a specific item) in store you’ll tap the Redeem button within the app and then show the cashier the code/QR code. If you’re redeeming an offer or Reward you won as a bonus prize, tap Inbox, then Offers. Here you can hit redeem and show the cashier the code/QR code.

Online Orders through the app:

When you use a reward through the app the free item will also need to be in your cart at the time that the reward is applied. When your cart is ready to checkout go to the Make Payment screen and click Redeem Points. Here you can choose the reward that you would like to apply to your order.

What if I activate a reward but then I don’t use it within the timeframe?

If you don’t use your reward code, the reward will go back to your account so it will still be available when you’re ready to use it.

What if I have multiple rewards that I want to use?

Easy there tiger, you can only redeem one reward per 24 hour period. That just means you have more excuses to go to Fuzzy’s!

My Points aren’t correct in the app, what do I do?

If the app is not refreshing properly we would suggest the following steps:

-Log out of the app and log back in.
-Kill the app and relaunch the app.
-Uninstall and reinstall the app to have the most current version of the app.
-Update device OS to most current OS version.
-Update the app to the most up to date version
-Check to make sure the Large Text feature is not enabled under Accessibility.

If the error still persists after taking those steps, please send us a screenshot of your home screen (showing the balance discrepancy) and your My Account page (tap the More button and then My Account) so our app team can work on a manual override to get your app up to date.