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Picture this. It’s 2003, and you’re wandering around the streets of Fort Worth, TX. It’s lunchtime, you’re hungry, and you’re after a place to kick back and enjoy a cool drink and some mouth-watering flavors. There’s a delicious smell in the air as you turn onto Berry Street… and there it is. The very first Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, slinging some of the best Baja tacos in town! In the 20 years since we set up (taco) shop, Fuzzy’s has grown to become one of the most popular Mexican food franchises in the country. No matter where you are, if you’re craving chill vibes, good times and quality Baja tacos, there is always a Fuzzy’s close by - nearly 150 locations across the country.


Fuzzy Vibes for Everyday Life

At Fuzzy’s, we’re all about dishing out the good vibes. Our motto is: Make every day badass.

We’re incredibly proud to be a place where you can gather that feels one of a kind. Where you can bring your family, your friends, and your dogs and feel the good vibes no matter which Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, or Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Taqueria, that you walk into.  

How do we achieve this? By combining people that are passionate about the food and the atmosphere, and creating an authentic experience for all Fuzzy’s fans. 

At Fuzzy’s, Food comes first. We believe we make the only tacos (and more!) worth talking about. We keep it real when it comes to our vibe, but especially when it comes to the food too – only the freshest and best makes its way from our kitchen to your plate. Our team are some of the biggest badasses around. We take pride in our people, our team of hard workers and vibe seekers, and those that keep Fuzzy’s fans coming back for more. Local is how we roll at Fuzzy’s, fitting ourselves into the local community and becoming a spot where people can gather for a celebration and just kick back and relax. We’re not just dishing out tacos, either. We know the importance of dishing out and giving back, and we’re always looking for a way to make a difference and give back to our local communities.


Bringing to life a loved Mexican food franchise

At Fuzzy’s, you’ll hear us talk about our fans rather than our customers – because once you’ve experienced the chill vibes and mouth-watering flavors at a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, you’ll find it hard to stay away. This is the sense of community that thrives at Fuzzy’s, and it’s why no matter which of our nearly 150 locations you’re visiting, you’ll find that same chill vibe (and our out-of-this-world menu).

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a taco franchise with a difference, focused on providing quality eats at affordable prices, and a great location. We’re backed by an amazing executive team, who give our local team members the chance to bring Fuzzy’s to life in all its glory.

Fuzzy's Taqueria

Like what you see? We thought you might

Great to hear! If you’re interested in a solid taco franchise option, why not choose Fuzzy’s Taco Shop? Get in touch with us today to talk about franchise opportunities, or visit our Franchise page online for more information.

Paul Damico


Chief Executive Officer

Leading the Fuzzy’s team takes a ton of passion for taking it easy, but that doesn’t keep Paul from putting in some serious work—especially when there’s chips & queso in the mix. Thanks to his dreams of becoming a chef when he was younger, he’s a natural when it comes to dishing out good vibes and stellar food. When he’s not busting a move to “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire, you can be sure he’s grooving on new ways to make every day badass for Fuzzy’s fans everywhere.

Scott Shotter

SCott SHottER

Chief Operating Officer

Behind every badass business is a one-time breakdancer that keeps everything running. No? Just us then? Scott loves our Fuzzy’s Fam like huevos love rancheros. In fact, the only other thing that hypes him up more than a Fuzzy’s breakfast is hearing “Mama Said Knock You Out,” which is probably why he does such a knockout job at dishing out good vibes on the daily. From backgammon to Baja Tacos, Scott’s a boss across the board.

Steve Corp


VP, Franchise Sales

While it’s true Steve is our VP of Franchise Sales, he may refer to himself as the “VP of Shredded Brisket Tacos,” and that’s powerful. He grew up with dreams of becoming a race car driver—but decided against it when he found out how few races gave tacos for winning. Fast forward to today, and you can find him blasting “Beautiful Day” by U2 behind the wheel each morning with the windows down as the star of his own personal music video that would make any rock star jealous. Steve Corp is hardcore, and yes, we love that.

Paul Tripodes


VP, Franchise Development

His name: Paul. His game: VP of Franchise Development. His other (but equally significant) game: going all in on Bacon, Egg & Cheese Tacos. As a kid, he dreamed of being both an Olympic champion and an astronaut. As an adult, he considers himself a champion of building pillow forts and UNO. Get yourself a Vice President who can do both—WHICH WE DID. Some say if you play “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley while saying “Paul” three times in front of a mirror, he appears out of nowhere. We will never give him up. We will never let him down.

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